Open Education Resources

(OER) Open Education Resources are free ebooks and other resources for learning and teaching. They are generally either part of the public domain or are licensed under Creative Commons for sharing in noncommercial use.
Works licensed under CC BY-NC-SA even allow one to adapt and edit copied material before sharing it, so long as the adapted work is given credit and the adaptation is distributed only under the same license.


Introduction to Philosophy: Ethics

by George Matthews and Christina Hendricks (2019) ISBN 13: 9781989014080, Publisher: Rebus Community

Download the eBook or view the web-based version here: Introduction to Philosophy: Ethics

[Can be purchased in print on amazon for $10.50]

Ethics for A-Level

by Mark Dimmock and Andrew Fisher, Cambridge, UK: Open Book Publishers (2017)
Read online or download the eBook here: Ethics for A-Level